Summer Fund Drive 2017

Dear Friend:

It seems that the need for rescue of cats and kittens grows each year. Despite all the work we and other organizations do, there are always more kitties that need our help. That’s why we are reaching out to you for financial support.

We have an especially miraculous story to share with you today. In May this year, we received a call from a gentleman working at a business near the Auburn airport. He had just located 2 two-week old kittens inside a piece of equipment they were dismantling for disposal. Both kittens had obviously not been cared for by their mother for several days and one kitten passed away shortly after rescue. The other kitten seemed stronger and could bottle feed. We sent him away with a trap to get the mother and he was successful. We named her Amelia. The kitten flourished under the mother’s care for a week, getting the benefit of all her milk. Seven days later this same man called us and told us he had located 3 more kittens screaming for help in the bushes near the building. He could pick them up because they were so weak. They too were united with the mother who immediately recognized them. These three kittens had survived a week alone in the outdoors.

A few days later we received a call from someone in downtown Auburn who found a 4-week old kitten attempting to cross a busy street. We took her in and she too was accepted by Amelia so another miracle occurred. Had it not been for FFACS, none of those kitties would have had a chance because we are the only rescue organization left in Auburn.

This story is just one of many success stories that we could share. But without your help, we will not be able to provide the help to the cats who cannot help themselves. Your tax-deductible gift can make the difference to these and so many more. Your support can assist us in the following ways and is tax deductible:

  • $45 will neuter a male cat
  • $60 will spay a female cat
  • $97 will provide the first month’s cost for a new cat
  • $130 will save a mom and her litter
  • Larger amounts will pay for surgery or treatment of a sick cat

Your support is especially critical during this year’s kitten season. Help us to “Save Them All.” As a reminder, we an all-volunteer; cage free, no kill facility and the last remaining cat rescue organization in the Auburn area. Below are photos that show Amelia with her kittens on the left and on the right the kittens by themselves.

FFACS Summer Fund Drive Kittens














Amelia and her extended family

On behalf of all our cats and kittens waiting for their forever homes, we thank you.

Kitty hugs,

Shirley Hartford Executive Director


P.S. We urge you to donate at least $50.